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The economy in the program of Nicolas Schmit, spitzenkandidaten of the PSE

02/03/2024 21:43


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The economy in the program of Nicolas Schmit, spitzenkandidaten of the PSE

The European Socialist Party met in Rome for the congress.

T he European Socialist Party met in Rome for the congress. The manifesto for the European elections on 9 June was presented and Nicolas Schmit's candidacy for the presidency of the EU Commission was made official.

March 2, having called together the national leaders, was the day of the congress of the European Socialist Party in Rome: there were the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz , the secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein , the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and the Portuguese Antonio Costa , several MEPs and commissioners Paolo Gentiloni .

At the center of the scene was Nicolas Schmit, who on this occasion was made official by the congress as the PES candidate for the presidency of the EU commission. Thus the socialist campaign towards the European elections starts from Rome and a manifesto has been adopted in view of the June vote.

In economic policy, the manifesto aims to: ensure quality jobs for all, a just green transition, a strong European economy open to the world, fiscal justice for social justice, the right to quality and economically accessibility, access to health, care and medicines, public services, environmental protection and sustainable agriculture, guarantees of safety and finally solidarity and development in all European cities and regions. In the program, In economics, the opportunities and risks linked to artificial intelligence and the importance of investing in young people are highlighted.

The manifesto also talks about how to build a more "efficient and democratic" Europe, capable of relaunching the partnership with the global South. Among the points remains the common European defense and support for Ukraine, remains among the top points. " Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine marks a turning point in history. We maintain our unconditional support for Ukraine by providing political, humanitarian, financial and military assistance for as long as necessary," it said. The PSE aims to pursue a "strong common European security and defense policy that operates in a complementary way to NATO" and reiterates its support for Kiev's entry into the EU.

In foreign policy, the PSE says it is "in favor of an international peace conference in the Middle East to reach a just two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians" because "both have the right to live in peace and security".





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